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I have DONE THE SCIENCE!! >;( German hobbyrist artist, drawing her OCs and fanarts about certain skeletons.

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DaR - Sonnenkalt

This one is again an old picture, it was finished in January 2009.

It is an illustration to Eric Fish's "Sonnenkalt", ( "Sun cold" ) a very nice song, I think. I wrote down some text passages on the picture. Unfortunately only in German XD

Nantes' hobby is actually to sing, mostly the songs of Subway to Sally, haha. I used to draw pictures like that a lot, maybe I'll upload some more of them here.

Maybe I should make a redraw of it...?

Nantes © by me!

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DaR - Im Weidengarten

Getting to the very old art, lol. Created this in December 2015! Featuring Nantes and Innocentia, my RP characters.

This was originally supposed to be an interpretation to Subway to Sally's "Im Weidengarten" ( "In the willow garden" ), but since the theme of the song was too sad and gloomy, which I don't want for Nantes and Inno, it became something fluffy.
I used to draw pictures to Subway to Sally's songs a lot, haha.

Nowadays I would probably do some things differently if I were to redraw the picture, I see some flaws in it myself, but in itself I still like it.

All characters © by me!

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IRdH - Dragon Gods

Getting to the very old arts! This is from January 2011.

Featuring my dragon gods Shadow Dragon and Heaven Dragon from my RPG Maker 2000 game "Im Reich des Himmelsdrachen" / "The Empire of the Heaven Dragon". I did the coloration with copics, it's been long time ago! I should draw with them more again, haha.

If you have interest:
It's free to play! But like I said - it's only in german. But maybe you wanna just see some screenshots there, haha.

Shadow Dragon & Heaven Dragon © by me!