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Digimon - Pimp my Digimon 2.0

Oh guys... You won't believe how long I wanted to do this. And this is the reason why I was so inactive here, lol.
This is a updated version of my Pimp my Digimon picture from 2008. This thing is so old, I just wanted to update it ^^; Especially since Veedramon's Armor digitations were missing on the old sheet.

If you compare the two images, you'll notice a lot of differences. I'll try to address everything, so wall of text incoming, lol.

Quite unspectacular, however it had been missing on the old sheet as well, so that's what it came with. Not much to say about it.

Yop, the baby I level and also its name is completely new. Unlike its original version, it now has developed eyes and little legs. It may have too many details for a baby digimon, but after drawing different versions, I liked that one best. New name because it fits better to the digimon now, lol.

This shape isn't entirely new, just polished it up a bit and adjusted the proportions. I really liked the idea of having a little "puppy" with droopy ears, so I left it as it was in the original version. New name because again, I think it fits him more.

Yup, around 2001 I designed my own version of Veedramon and no, it has nothing to do with the official Bandai design! I'm getting so tired of writing the same old thing. I designed Veedramon even before I found out about the official Veedramon. I didn't want to change the name after that though, so it stays that way. And hey, if there are different looking Agumon in the Digimon universe, then there can be different Veedramon?
I used Raidramon as a template for Veedramon. I still think Raidramon is one of the coolest Digimon out there (when will it finally get its own TCG card? I'm waiting for it lol). In general, I thought the Veemon series was cool in its own right, but it wasn't quite what I envisioned for my own Digimon. So when Raidramon showed up in season 2, I was really blown away by it, haha. I wondered what Raidramon might look like without his armor, and that's how Veedramon came to be. "Vee" taken from "Veemon" because it still has something to do with the Digitations series somewhere, and "dra" as short for "dragon".
By the way, Veedramon was also a Level Adult Digimon for a long time, but I changed that in the old sheet.
Raidramon / Lighdramon (I prefer the name "Raidramon" )
Pure love for this digimon ♥ It has been the base of my digimon. So it was obvious to me that Veedramon could evolve into Raidramon. I remember in my old comic it was also his preferred form when he had to evolve, haha. Riding on his back I imagine would be cool |D
Also assuming that the Crests must have something to do with the human itself, I think friendship already fits for me. Therefore it was a good fit.

*takes a deep breath* Well, where do I start?
In the past Veedramon could digitize into Flamedramon. Because the series had given it that way. But in the course of time I felt that this wasn't right, because I'm anything but a brave person, lol. I was more suited to the Digimental of Purity. So I researched how Veemon would evolve with them and... omg guys, that Digimon is ugly XD I didn't want to have that. So there was only one thing left for me to do: design it myself! The only problem was that all Digitations with the Digimental of Purity are based on plants and... Plant is an element that I didn't really like, lol. Even with Pokémon, they're not necessarily my favorite types. So I started to think about what I like about plants though. That most of them smell good and that I also like to walk in forests. At least I could make something out of it on that basis.
From this digitation existed a whole body sketch, but I didn't find it anymore, let alone it was scanned. The only thing I still have of it was a sketch of a planned ACEO card of the digimon. So I only knew roughly how it looked like, but even the name and its properties I completely forgot. I could kick myself for not finding that sketch again!
Based on that, I redesigned "Floradramon" from what I still knew and the little headshot sketch. It rules over plants and wind, with its vines it can throw the shuriken, haha.

Wildveedramon looks just like my first pictures of it, haha. It has a... yes, wild nature. Probably inspired by the Behemoths from div. Final Fantasy games, I'm not sure myself anymore, lol.

Veloveedramon was a must-have, because I had changed Veedramon's level from Adult to Rookie and therefore there was a free spot for the Perfect level. Why I chose the Velociraptors as a base, I don't know anymore. Am not really a big dinosaur fan, lol. But for the digitation series, it fits quite well. Unlike the old sheet, it doesn't have wings anymore.
A lot of Perfect Digimon already have some machined body parts there, so I made it that way for Veloveedramon. I know that unlike many other Digimon it looks quite little machine-like, but so there are Digimon that don't look like a machine at all at the Perfect level, see Piximon. The arm and leg pieces were still acceptable to me. I mean, I have nothing against Digimon wearing armor, just it sucks to draw XD"

The last digitation of Veedramon's regular digitation series.
I love dragons, so it was a given that it would become a dragon by the end. I remember as a kid having the worst problems coming up with a suitable design! My Digimon thus went through many "black digitations", lol.
It wasn't until the old sheet that I finally settled on it. I reworked Magnaveedramon a bit, as you can see. I like his dark mane of hair XD
Again, I know it wears quite little armor for a Ultimate level, but as mentioned with the Perfect level, Magnadramon for example got by without armor, lol.

Phew, I think that's about it.
In a Digimon Cybersleuth universe, Veedramon would have other digitizations, like Ex-Veemon or Imperialdramon. I wanted to record something like that... But this one took forever (even if you don't see it directly on the picture), so I'll leave it at its regular digitations now.

By the way, the pictures of the Digimentals are from Bandai.

Digimon, also Raidramon © by Akiyoshi Hongo/Bandai/Toei Animation

Veedramon, Babyveedramon, Miniveedramon, Floradramon, Wildveedramon, Veloveedramon and Magnaveedramon created by me!