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I have DONE THE SCIENCE!! >;( German hobbyrist artist, drawing her OCs and fanarts about certain skeletons.

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FVA - Aruki Plush

So much for wanting to take a break from the last plushie.... XD As I was working on Silence, I asked myself how it would look if there was an Aruki plushie next to Silence as well. Curiously, that also appealed to Pharanonenfuchs, so I just had to make Aruki next :D

After I found matching minky for his main fur (that really wasn't easy - why do I give my chars such difficult colors, lol) it went pretty quickly.
I had some problems with the head. Despite using the same pattern from Silence, Aruki's muzzle was a bit thick, which I didn't like at all. After some frim work, I was able to correct that.
His front paws also turned out a bit globby compared to Silence. Also a thing I can't explain, because it was the same pattern here too :/ But it doesn't bother me much, so I left it that way.
Whether I will redo his nose again, I don't know yet. It depends on how the next plush will look like - I have a plan, be curious :D
As small features I added Aruki's ear scars and small paw pads. I left out his ear jewelry due to the current lack of options - I'll see if I can get a gold chain at the hardware store as soon as possible.
Unlike Silence, Aruki didn't get a note with washing instructions, because the plushie is for me (I'll leave out the fact that I forgot to include the instructions LOL, but it would also seem strange if I would put such a note for myself |D)
Like Silence, the plush has a height of about 29 cm (~11,5" ) and a length of about 33 cm (~ 13" ).

Edit 13.05.2021
Have actually found a chain! That was even still from my felt Jiro, haha.
And the nose I have now also reduced a little.

Minky Apoz fabric Baby Blue, Black, Pristine and Ketchup
Sewing thread
Felt in the colors white, red, black and bordeaux
Paper to print out for the pattern
filling cotton

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FVA - Thank you!

Published in February 2015.

A little "Thank you" pic for all my readers of my fox comic "Fatum Vulpis Argentae". Maybe I should upload the comic here, too.

Aruki & Snowpaw © by me!

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FVA - Fox Love

Made in April 2019, a redraw of an old KAKAO/ACEO card again.

Silver fox Aruki and his mate Snowpaw from my comic "Fatum Vulpis Argentae".

Aruki and Snowpaw © by me!

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FVA - Settled Down

This is a relative new artwork from me. It's from December 2020 and features my main characters Aruki and Snowpaw from my fantasy fox comic "Fatum Vulpis Argentae". You can read it here: Click!

The idea for this artwork I got, as I moved in my new apartment in December 2020. After building some furnitures, I finally had a head to draw again. Where the theme of "apartment" is not entirely innocent here with this picture, haha.
Again and again I catch myself that I just look around in my new apartment and have the thought "you settled down". This gave me the idea for this picture.
Aruki must have felt similar after he decided to stay with Snowpaw. I wanted to capture this scene.

Aruki and Snowpaw © by me!