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I have DONE THE SCIENCE!! >;( German hobbyrist artist, drawing her OCs and fanarts about certain skeletons.

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AoFW - Love Foxes - Fox and Vixen

It took a little while, but I kept my promise
As explained with my Love Foxes - Redheart and Twilight pic, I had a poll going on a sketch that came down to an equal number of votes for my OCs and for Fox and Vixen from the "Animals of Farthing Wood" series.
So here is the promised picture

I didn't want to use the same sketch again for this picture, so I changed the poses a bit to make it look more interesting and not too similar to the first picture. Whereas I also colored it again like the picture linked above.

But it was nice to draw something from the series again, which is why I started drawing in the first place. "Animals of Farthing Wood" is a special childhood memory for me. I loved foxes as a kid (and still do XD) and because of that I started drawing the characters from it.
So I was already a bit touchy-feely when I drew them :')
I'd be up for drawing some other foxes from the series again, we'll see how the desire plays along haha.

Fox and Vixen © Colin Dann
Fanart made by meee

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