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I have DONE THE SCIENCE!! >;( German hobbyrist artist, drawing her OCs and fanarts about certain skeletons.

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FVA - Love Foxes - Redheart & Twilight

I had already finished this sketch a few days ago, but I didn't really know which characters I should make out of it. Therefore I had started a poll on Twitter and also on dA. On Twitter the result fell with an equal number of votes to Redheart and Twilight and the fox and the vixen from "The Animals from Farthing Wood". I'll probably do the latter as well!
On dA most were also in favor of doing Redheart and Twilight, so from there it was only fair to do those two first.

For the sketch, I wanted to try a new coloring technique that Pharaonenfuchs often uses. I guess I didn't quite succeed that way, but I'll keep trying! At least this is easier than the images I usually color without outlines, haha.
Thanks again to you, Shippo! ♥

Even though it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, I'm still very happy with the end result :)

Redheart & Twilight © by me!

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What a pair of sweeties.

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