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Season Foxys - Winter Plush (standing)

And here's the last in my plushie test series, lol. This version honestly took the most time to finish. And at that, Winter is still the easiest to make... How this will look with the rest of the Season Foxys is a question I'm seriously asking myself, lol.

The pattern for the body this time is from Dollphinwing, the head a slightly modified version from Choley Knight.

The plush has a length of about 17 cm (~6,7" ) (from head to tail tip) and a height of about 18 cm (~7" ) (paws to ear tips).
Polygranulate was filled in the paws so that the plush can stand well.

I think I'll try my hand at another variation of the head. One that shows off the snout a bit more. Then I'll decide how I like to do it in the future. I plan to do a Raffle about the first little ones on my Twitter Account! If you're interested, keep an eye on my account :)

white minky fabric
black microfiber fabric for ears and paws
sewing thread
paper to print out for the pattern
Filling cotton
Plastic nose

Season Foxys © by me!

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This is adorable and it's really well-made! 💜

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